Our Story

In 1995, a student at Hope Community Church approached the youth pastor with an unheard of idea... "Let's build a paintball field so we can reach other people!" It seemed like an outrageous idea, but out of that dream, Hope Community Church Paintball Field was created! Since then, the field has gone from an overgrown ranch of 20 acres with just a few rental guns to a full-blown recreational paintball field. Some of our most biggest additions to the field are many cars and trucks, a village of forts, and even a crashed Plane!
Our paintball ministry gives us the chance to connect with students and adults around the Permian Basin and introduce them to a great outdoor sport. While reaching students is our main focus, Hope Community Church Paintball Field has expanded to include "team training" for local companies, Birthday Parties, and more. Today, the Hope Community Church Paintball field includes: a canopy-covered prep area, forts, cars, trucks and tons of other fun stuff. We hope to see you there soon, and there is always room for one more!
If you would like to reserve the field for a group or party, click here.

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