*** Please note that all paint must be purchased from
Hope Community Church Paintball at the field***



Field Fees:

~ $15.00 field fee for any player playing. This includes C02 for the duration of gameplay, marker (paintball gun) and mask.



Paint Fees:

~ Paintballs:

               500 rounds = $15.00  

               2000 rounds = $50.00

~ C02 to Go! (if you would like to fill up before you leave.)

               9 oz. tank = $8.00

               20 oz. tank = $10.00


Field Deposit:

In order to reserve the field, we will need to pay a field fee deposit. The field fee deposit is $5.00 per player, which can be paid at the Hope Community Church office located at 3125 Travis Ave.  Note: Your spot on the field will not be reserved until you have paid your field fee deposit. The remaining $10.00 fee will not be due until you arrive at the paintball field.


If you have any questions about pricing or the field, we'd love to hear from you! You can call the church office at 432.694.9856 or you can email Keith Graves at or Roger Willis at

3125 Travis Ave, Midland, TX 79701

1 (432) 694-9856

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