The purpose of Hope Community Church Paintball is to provide an opportunity for people in the Permian Basin community to play paintball in an environment that is conducive to player safety and an excellent experience.  For this reason,  we ask that you please pay close attention to the guidelines established below.  They will ensure that the time you spend at the Hope Community Church Paintball Field will be well worth it.  Thanks for your cooperation!


1. DO NOT remove your goggles at any time while on the playing field.


~ If your goggles fog up during play, do not remove your mask and wipe inside.  If your goggles are knocked off during play, immediately cover your eyes with your elbow and yell out "Blind Player" or "Help" and a referee will come to you. (Torn off mask - Use elbows to guard)

~ If for any reason, you have your goggles off on the playing field, you will be verbally warned.  If the ref feels that you are endangering yourself, or it happens a second time then you will be through playing for the day and you will not receive a refund.

2. An elimination mark is a quarter-size splat.

~ If you're hit and the ball broke and you are clearly out; raise your marker over your head, yell out "HIT," and walk off the field.

~ If you are hit by "friendly fire," (when a player is shot by his/her own team) you are out.

~ Once hit... you are not to give any verbal or hand signal giving away the other teams members.

~ NEVER wipe paint off to continue play. IT IS CHEATING.

~ If you cannot see the hit, wipe your hand over the area.  If it comes back with a lot of paint, you're out.  Call "HIT," and leave the game.  If you are unable to tell ask for a "PAINT CHECK."

~ If you think you broke a ball on someone, call the referee to "PAINT CHECK." If the player is not hit then he or she will allowed 10 seconds to reposition.

~ Marker hits do not count.

3. SPLATTER: If the ball breaks on something in front of you and splatters on you, you may continue playing.

4. SURRENDER: If you are within 15 feet of someone and have a line of sight or clear shot of them, ask them to surrender and they must surrender.  If at a fort, you can only take out one person, then the shooter must reposition away from the fort.

5. TARGET PRACTICING ON THE REFS:  The Field Manager reserves the right to remove you from the field in the case of blatant disregard for referee safety.

6. FOUL LANGUAGE: Don't use foul or abusive language. Don't get into arguments with players or refs. No aggressive physical contact with another person is tolerated.

7. WILD ANIMALS: If you find any wild creatures, such as rattlesnakes, cow, etc... do not shoot them.  Notify a field referee, and he/she will handle the situation.

8. Do not lay rental equipment on the ground at any time or use paint picked up off the ground.  Once a paintball has touched the ground it can no longer be used.  If dirty paintballs are used, they will cause the marker to malfunction.

9. Barrel sleeves must remain on markers while in the staging area.

10. Do not fire your marker while in the staging area.

11. The playing field includes any area that is fenced in or marked by orange tape.  Please do not go outside the playing area.



Any Player may use his/her own mask and marker as long as they meet the following criteria:

1. You must present your marker for inspection upon arrival.

2. Your marker must chronograph below the National Safety Standard of 300ft. per second. (Please bring your guns allen wrench to the field with you so your gun can be adjusted appropriately.)

3. Your Mask must be approved by American Paintball Safety Standards.

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